The REAL Center Commitment to Compassion and Social Justice

Because I have found NVC to be the best combination of theory and practice for cultivating and living compassionate consciousness in myself and creating justice in the world, I have chosen it as my spiritual path.

My intention is to relate to everyone that I interact with in a way that cares about all of our needs. I am aware that because of my dominator-culture conditioning, I have blind spots that at times lead me to say and do things that are not in harmony with my needs or the needs of others.  I am affected by our cultural tendencies to racism, sexism, gender injustice, and other insensitivities to marginalized groups.

I am passionate and excited to learn and grow and liberate myself from these patterns so that we can co-create both interpersonal relationships and social structures that promote justice and celebration for all beings. I commit to learning about systems of oppression and anti-sexism and anti-racism ongoingly and incorporating these learnings in REAL Center curriculum and practices.

To overcome my blind spots and to facilitate feedback about my impact, I invite you to share with me when you see me saying or doing things that are not in harmony with your needs or the needs of others.  It is my intention to receive your feedback as a gift to help me learn and grow on my path towards greater compassionate consciousness and creating a more just world. I am supported by a team of skilled people who are helping me integrate the feedback and create repair as needed.

I invite your feedback in whatever way you choose to offer it. Feedback options include:

I am grateful for the many people and movements who are helping me clarify my thinking about these issues. I welcome your feedback.